Opulentsy prioritizes and encourages quality above quantity when it comes to purchasing jewelry since we work to better the world as much as we can.

We care about the impact of the sourcing of these gemstones on their creation and delivery because we want the world to know and adore our best-selected gemstone jewelry as much as we do.

Some of our gemstones, like Alexandrite, are grown in laboratories, not only because they are the rarest gemstones ever discovered but also because doing so has a low environmental impact. There is no mining involved in the creation of these Alexandrite because we are adamantly opposed to the usage of substandard labor. While at it we strive to preserve and serve with the luxurious beauty of the gemstone jewelry.

Our long-term and short-term sustainability goals
  • To have a profoundly good impact on environmental change globally.
  • To produce and transport these exquisite gemstone pieces in an entirely ecologically sustainable manner, starting with the gemstones themselves.

How we now affect sustainability

  1. Less carbon footprint: Since all of our teams work remotely, there is no daily commute to the offices, which has an influence on reducing carbon footprint. Save the planet! 
  2. Eco-friendly: At Opulently, we are aware of how each individual's behavior affects the environment, and we have come into contact with friends, clients, and family members who place a high value on a secure and healthy environment. As a result, we have decided to provide everyone with environmentally friendly and eco-friendly gemstone jewelry items, such as lab-grown Alexandrite and/or cultured stones. Save our planet.
  3. Recycled metals: We strive to recycle as much as we can every day. Our objective is to use as many recycled metals as possible in the production of our jewelry, including sterling silver and gold.
  4. Reusable packaging: Each piece of jewelry we sell comes in a beautiful jewelry box that you may keep for years to come!